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The Future of Learning Management System Technology - Part 4

We looked at AI in our last learning management system technology and we’re back to tell you about another of Docebo’s features that make it ideal for online training providers - built-in ecommerce. It’s why we use it at Learning Lounge and by reading on, you’ll see the many ways it can help you to retain customers, attract new ones and increase your revenue.

Welcome to part 4 of our blog series that looks at the future of learning management system technology, as we explore yet another of the intuitive features that make the platform ideal for online learning providers. That feature is built-in ecommerce and it’s one that can be extremely effective in driving sales, retaining customers and ultimately increasing your revenue.

The ecommerce options available when using this particular system work seamlessly in the background, gently encouraging customers to want to learn more. They also remove the barriers that often stop people from making purchases, while at the same time offering a supportive and engaging educational experience.

An Amazing, User-Friendly UX

Perhaps the most striking part of the Docebo UX is its user-friendly interface, as it makes it really simple for people to understand how to browse your training content catalogues. This easy-to-follow learning pathway is one that gently guides users to the content that is most appropriate and allows them to preview content before making their purchase.

This useful learning management system feature is one that actively works to create more business for you, as it provides an opportunity to display the value of the courses that you offer. With a clear idea about what to expect, this try before you buy concept is one that naturally leads to more sales.

Easy, Fast & Secure Customer Payments

Another great part of Docebo’s platform is that it allows wire transfers to be used to make payments, letting you more easily manage your e-commerce processes. Without the restrictions that typically come from having to set up standalone payment management gateways, Docebo takes care of further complicating factors like country compliance and currency type.

These learning management system payments are super quick, with high levels of security to boot. This means that you not only get paid more quickly, but your clients get the peace of mind of knowing that their details and their funds are protected throughout the transaction process.

Subscription-based Services

Docebo integrates easily and seamlessly with many different types of ecommerce vending software, such as Joomla, Wordpress, Shopify or Drupal. It’s one that also allows you to sell your online training as part of subscription plans that provide both increased customer longevity and more selling opportunities.

This can be delivered to individuals or groups of students, with different plans able to be offered depending on the number of learners and the level of the learning that’s required. It’s yet another feature that works in your favour to increase loyalty and the number of touchpoints you have with your customers.

Enjoy These Learning Management System Benefits Today

So, if you’re a learning provider and you want a seamless platform that proactively works to boost your customer numbers, while also increasing the time and money each one spends with you, Docebo is one we would absolutely recommend - it’s why we use it ourselves at Learning Lounge. If you would like to know more about anything discussed here, visit us today at

There you’ll see our full resource library that contains a wealth of video-based micro-learning courses that are both mentally stimulating and flexible. To see our full catalogue, why not request a free info pack by filling your details into the form provided on our homepage? It’s a download that also contains details of how we work, promos and FAQs.

Alternatively, if you would like to speak to us directly about how we might be able to help you and your learning organisation, call us today on 1300 611 404 and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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