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The Future of Learning Management System Technology - Part 3

In part two of our learning management system series, we looked at the Discover, Coach & Share feature of Docebo. In this blog, we’re taking a peek at another offered by the platform that powers Learning Lounge - artificial intelligence and the way it works to enhance the learning experience.

Docebo truly is a top quality learning management system and that comes from a user perspective, as it’s a platform that powers the Learning Lounge and our cost-effective, video-based online training services. This is part three of a blog series where we’re looking at what it is that makes the system perfect for online training providers.

In part two, we looked at the Discover, Coach & Share that runs in the background, helping to provide a joined up experience that encourages learning. Today we’re going to be looking at another of it’s winning features - artificial intelligence and how it too makes learning easier and more intuitive.

AI has had something of a bad press over the years, with people seeing films like Terminator and War Games and thinking that AI will eventually lead to our downfall. However, the AI we’re talking about is nothing but helpful in everything it does. Let’s see how.

AI Feature #1 - Deep Search

Docebo’s first AI feature is Deep Search, which automatically scans the learning content being used, as well as categorizing keywords to deliver relevant assets to the student. While other learning management system platforms categorize their video-based content by the title, tags and description - something that needs to be manually entered by the person uploading it - Docebo uses the content itself to create much more relevant overall learning UX.

AI Feature #2 - Auto-Tagging

Another highly useful feature Docebo has is auto-tagging, which again uses AI technology to analyze all content to automatically identify keywords and create tags. So, for instance, if a new video is shared across a learning network, AI scans the whole video for keywords, creating as many as 10 tags as it does. This makes it so much easier for students looking for similar information to find appropriate assets to help them.

AI Feature #3 - Invite-To-Watch

If that weren’t helpful enough already, the Docebo learning management system also has another way of getting highly-relevant content in front of people most interested in it - Invite to Watch. This awesome feature creates a targeted list of other students who’ve engaged in closely-related content, which it then uses to share content with those who want to see it.

Should someone share content via the Coach & Share feature, it then automatically gets tagged and suggested to anyone who’s shown interest in anything similar.

A Seamless Learning Experience That WOWs Students

Artificial intelligence is advancing at a pace in many spheres of industry and the learning management system sector is no different. These relatively new features and more are what convinced us to use Docebo for the Learning Lounge, as the innovative platform is one that helps to improve the experience for every single student, whether learning alone or as part of a team.

So, if you would like to know more about Learning Lounge and how it can be used to wow your users, improve customer retention, new business acquisition and customer satisfaction, you can find what you need by visiting us at There you’ll find lots of useful information about what makes us different, with a free info pack able to be requested that includes our full list of learning resources, how we work, promos and more.

However, should you be in need of guidance or any other kind of assistance, feel free to call us on 1300 611 404 where our friendly team is waiting to help.

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