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The Future of Learning Management System Technology - Part One

Much has changed as a result of the global crisis that is Covid-19, with companies moving much more towards a remote-working model. Here we look at effective online learning management system options like Docebo and the important role they’re likely to be playing as part of the future of professional training and development.

There aren’t many parts of society that haven't been impacted in some way by Covid-19, with the professional sphere perhaps being affected the most. The greatly increased prevalence of home-working is just one example as companies struggled to operate, let alone train and develop their staff.

Online learning management system technology represented something of a saviour to many businesses who would otherwise not have been able to provide any professional training at all. Now that we’re able to see the light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to the pandemic, it seems that the things learnt during this difficult period are set to hang around for the long-term.

More Companies Now Understand Remote-Working Benefits

The advantages offered by remote working and training have always been there, but after being forced to adopt them during lockdowns, more companies now better understand them. So, those who were once hesitant about making the move to remote operation are now far more engaged with it and able to enjoy the benefits that include:

● A lack of need to commute

● More time to spend with family

● An increased ability to focus

● A more relaxed working day

In terms of training and development, the cost savings alone make online learning management system options like Docebo a great choice. Rather than having employees take days out of their working week to sit through endless PowerPoint presentations, much greater control and resource use is achieved.

Learning Lounge Uses Docebo...For a Reason

At Learning Lounge, all of our professional training courses are delivered via a great learning management system known as Docebo. Delivering bite-sized, video-based content that can be consumed as and when the learner is ready to engage with it, spare moments can be fully utilised to develop and train employees - meaning no lost time.

The professional world is also much more aware of the fact that learning delivered in small, 5-minute modules are more easily digested, with the knowledge actually sticking in the mind. Docebo also provides a transparent dashboard that shows the student exactly what’s been learnt, what’s still to be learnt and much more, so those taking the training feel in control of their progress.

This is even before we start talking about the logistical issues that are eliminated by learning management system technology, such as gathering everybody to a venue, paying for the venue and all those other things that come along with traditional workplace training. Whether taken by a home-worker or someone in the workplace, the benefits of well-structured learning platforms are too numerous for any business to ignore.

Get All of Your Professional Training in One Place

So, as we can see, online learning management system technology is very much here to stay and when training with Learning Lounge, you get to access all of our engaging content through Docebo for all the reasons mentioned. If you’d like to know about us and how we work, you can visit us online at where you can also request a free info pack containing FAQs, our full course offering and more.

Alternatively, if you would like to speak to us directly about our training resources and how they can benefit you, simply give us a call on 1300 611 404 today.

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