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How Much Does Customer Service Affect Business Success?

If you’re ever unsure of how important customer service is to a business, ask yourself how much a bad experience with a company makes you want to go elsewhere. Here we look at the impact of poor customer service, as well as how flexible learning resources can be used to boost your team’s skills in this area.


On the fence as to the overall benefits to your business of good customer service? Well, you shouldn’t be as it’s one of the most important drivers of success for any company. Figures show that 81% of people are of the mind to work with a business again after receiving good customer service and the great news is that you can brush up YOURteam’s skills with industry compliant learning resources.

There aren’t many enterprises out there that can exist without repeat business, so you need to do everything you can to ensure that all of your clients are given the best experience you can offer. So, what exactly happens when customer service is lacking?

The Negative Impact of Poor Customer Service

While most people won’t complain about bad service, those that do tend to be quite vocal about it. Statistics show that via the many communications that exist in the modern world, unhappy customers will tell as many as 15 people about a poor experience. Offer this kind of service for a prolonged period and your reputation is going to nosedive.

Obviously, the idea is to go the extra mile with every customer that comes your way, but at the very least you need to be:

● Delivering goods or services on time and as per the customer’s requirements

● Answering complaints in a timely and professional manner

● Having a customer-first approach with everything you do

● Being professional in every customer interaction

The fact is that this list could be pretty much endless, but the basic principle runs throughout - treat your customers as you’d expect to be treated. It’s pretty simple and it’s a mantra that will serve you and your company well when followed to the letter.

Need to Improve Your Team’s Customer Skills?

Customer service doesn’t come naturally to everyone, so if your team’s skills aren’t where they should be, the best and most convenient way to approach the issue is through bite-size, modular online teaching resources that can be accessed as and when a free moment arises during the working day.

Unlike traditional types of professional training involving powerpoint presentations, glazed eyes and wasted working hours, modular training is not only more cost-effective, but it harnesses the human brain’s increased ability to take on board information when it’s provided in small, easily-digested morsels of learning.

Develop Your Team & Your Company Success, the Easy Way

Customer service is just one of the many business aspects covered by the online educational resources we provide at the Learning Lounge. So, whatever part of your organisation you’d like to develop, you can do so in the most simple and easily-accessible way possible. Not only that, but every hour spent on one of our courses is worth 1 CPD point - allowing your employees to see their progression.

If you’d like to know more about the learning resources in our extensive library, covering a wide range of industries, you should come and visit us online at Alternatively, if you’d like to speak directly to a member of our team about your organisation’s learning requirements, you can do so by getting in touch via 1300 611 404.

Call us today and we’ll do our best to show you what great customer service looks like!

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