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License resources for 200+ units aligned with the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) & expand your RTO business

Get complete resource packages for more than 20 training industries
Add value with premier resources and additional revenue to your business

Learning Lounge is a leading publisher of over 200 individual Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) aligned units, micro-credentials and non-formal certificate courses with digital badges.


We publish ready-to-go course content that are designed with industry experts. These come complete with innovative learning content published using SCORM and RISE formats, training videos, self-assessment (quizzes) and formal assessments (assignments) to help your RTO create accessible and superior student experiences that drive better outcomes. The best part is, all resources are designed to be easily published into any Learning Management System. 


With Learning Lounge, you will get a custom white label solution to expand your business and recruit more students through an e-commerce platform and premier LMS - all with your RTO’s unique branding.
The Learning Lounge library has courses ranging from 30mins > 350+ hours, across dozens of industries including:
Aged Care, Community & Counselling 
Mental Health & Well-being
Animal Health & Veterinary Care
Dog Grooming & Pet Care
Business & Finance
Marketing & Entrepreneurship
Education & Childcare
Events and Hospitality
Fitness, Health & Nutrition
Freelance, Lifestyle & Leisure
HR, Management & Communication
Parenting & Relationship Management
Travel, Tourism & Aviation
Training & Assessment
200+ Australian Qualifications Framework  aligned units (SCORM + Quizzes + Assessments)
100+ Hours of video learning aligned to AQF
200+ Micro-Credentials ready to market across 20+ industries
The Learning Lounge library will allow you to:
Diversify by providing standalone ‘white labelled’ courses that supplement your accredited offerings to provide another income stream
Provide career kick-starter and refresher resources to enhance job readiness
Enhance your RTO’s accredited course offerings with best in class video-led learning and quality course content
Award Digital Badges that can be viewed on each student’s own online portfolio by future employers
Scale and expand your business with new courses including standalone Micro-credentials
Get access to a full list of AQF units, micro-credentials, and short courses with sample pricing for your RTO
What learning materials are included in course resource packages?
TV quality video content
Quizzes with unlimited attempts
Interactive and downloadable resources
(student guides, info sheets, etc.)
Additional assessments on demand
View Course Samples
View Example Lectures
LL Mental Health Trailer Open Captions